Let’s welcome Wal-Mart to Sydney

WBF is throwing out the barbed wire welcome matt of doom to the fine folks from Wal-Mart.  We need more disposable plastic, more imports from China and more low paying wage practices in this country.  Listen weekly and I will be revealing more of the campaign. Fight the power people and welcome Wal-Mart to Sydney.

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  1. 25 August, 2006

    If wal-mart buys coles, the apocolyspe is rearing its ugly head sooner than i first anticipated.

  2. peter WBF
    25 August, 2006

    I agree…but what is scarier is KKR, an investment and equity firm from NYC (whose speciality is buying companies, stripping costs usually in the form of labour and then selling units off bit by bit) looks like the more likely buyer. Apart from the obvious angle of “why??” it appears our fine government has endorsed this takeover as “AOK” for australia. Phillip Ruddock, explain how??

    The new rumour is wal-mart is setting its low wage, supplier endentured eyes on Woolies, I guess soon to be the cheap packaged shit food people

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