Return “Best Of” show

Tonight is our returning “Best Of” show, so if you’re in Sydney, listen in. Although when we say “Best Of”, what we really mean is “Best Of The Ones We Selected”, so it may not be a full “Best Of” show encompassing all ours show, if that’s what you’re after. I mean almost 300 shows, we’re not going to listen to them all now are we? So we selected a few good ones, and picked the best bits of those. Well, not really a few good ones, more like a few which we had on CD which just happened to be sitting on top of a pile of old CDs. So we listened to those and picked a few Best Of bits from there. So its really more like a “Best Of Random Bits”. Although we did have length requirements, due to the shorter show length, so its actually more like a “Random Bits of Random Bits”. We may not upload it after all…

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