Most websites have an About us page explaining what the website is for, who runs it, how big their genitalia are etc. We do that (the show, us and very), but more importantly I want to talk about my pet wombat Simon. Simon is a rescue wombat who eats grasses, sedges, herbs, bark and roots. No shoots or leaves though, leaving us short of a single gag on this entire page, but what’s a sedge you ask? A sedge is like grass but isn’t, and looks like rushes, but that’s another question in itself. A reed is also like grass but isn’t, and also looks like rushes, as is synthetic grass for tennis courts, but Simon won’t eat either of them. I’ve tried. The water chestnut is a sedge, which my uncle Norman used to eat regularly, saying it reminded him of fighting in Korea. He had a punch up once in a pub on a day trip to Pyongyang, they didn’t have lots of sedge, he just tasted a bit of it in a street market later that day. I think I’m editing the wrong web page… Sebastien, can you come and help me please? I think I have the wrong browser window open…

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