Show 306 – 5000 lawyers in Florida can’t be wrong

Yes lerdies and gennelmen, as we await the victor in the Melbourne Cup to curl up their furlocks and stop giving a fuck, WBF show 306 talks exclusively about richard’s butt, and girl germs and well, we might talk a little about the election.

we get regular updates from the inactive CNN news centre, whilst wolf and AC360 are still asleepy-bobo’s.  we talk third party candidates, why abe loves ralph nader, we discuss the states to watch and the states to ignore (ted stevens we are looking at you, but unfortunately so a big bloke called bubba who wants to get close, real close) and we get an indication (or not) from Bill O’Reilly that the hate is about to end!

WBF Show 306 has ABE360, Cheney Wolfhound BlitzerDonner Palin and Pete and Richard…Britt Hume, go fuck yourself!



WBF’s Electoral team, ABE360, Wolf DonnerBlitzen and some crazy guy with mascara, lipstick and an assault rifle.  It could Pete or Richard.  No one knows.  No one cares.
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