Election Special 08 – Double Penetration (and this would be the show Curley shows up!)

After a momentus day in American history, the WBF team out Wolf Wolf, out grey hair AC360, get our legs hotter than Soledad O’Brien and well, just tell Brit Hume, Chris Matthews and Rachel Ray to get fUcked (again), we go live from the CNN Grill room in NYC, after everyone has gone home and the lights are out (but someone has left a pile of dirty, wet tissues in the corner- we are eyeballing you Blitzer), we get and down and dirty on the election, the aftermath, the beforemath, the duringmath and the inbetween knowing the result and having to blather on for hoursmath.

No holograms, no erecting capitol buildings, no interactive monitors, just regular updates from Fox News and a special unedited replay of the Obama acceptance.

Nothing more to say that Obama, Obama, O-O-Obama!

 President-elect Barack Obama acknowledges the crowd before delivering his victory speech in Chicago before a crowd of 125,000. "It belongs to you," Obama told his supporters. "This is your victory."

Details: http://www.archive.org/details/wbfshowDP08

Show: http://www.archive.org/download/wbfshowDP08/wbfspecialDP08.mp3

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