Show 304 is a childish imitation of what real radio should be

yes, we know it, we know our limitations and a mans gotta know his limitations!  But we come back any way for more indepth discussion of the issues besetting the world

Red Hot go is back this time taking on the trains, we get into a broad discusssion about ‘the french’ as well Pete doing the best impressions of Tony Blair you have EVER heard and of course, we break down the financial crisis, abandoned Ferrari by abandoned Ferrari. 

This is a show even a child could understand and enjoy but shouldn’t because we say fuck a lot and lets be fair, kids should be shielded until they are at least 28 from rude words, adult concepts, information about sex, informaion about what is corrupting society, politics (except Sarah Palin cuz she’s hockey mum), rap music, any music except Pat Boone, LiLO and her skanky ilk and from malt in milkshakes.  They should be kept in their little gingerbread house away from the woes of the world because when they enter into the light (after the tender age of 28) they will be fully prepared for what is to come.

WBF stands for free speech, free headache pills (for Richard), free beer (for Pete) and free pizza as long as it’s vegan (for Abe) 

Peace out Brothers



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