…and only then will we defeat our enemy

The usually fair SMH today ran with an editorial praising the efforts of Bush and the Howard juggernaut in linking the Iraq quagmire back to the fight on ‘terror’ (TM).  There was also a sourced story from the “New York Daily News” about the GOP plan to use 9-11 (Or 11th September) family members to give “non-political” interviews linking ‘terror’ (TM) to the war in Iraq.  John Howard, emotionally moved, as he implied that we will once again stay until the ‘job’ is done has committed Australia to continue this fight against an enemy that does not exist, with a victory that can never won, or a mission that can never be accomplished.  Because all we are fighting is our own shadow.  And let’s be brutually honest, the process of fighting your own shadow is pointless, but it sure keeps you busy and constantly on the watch for an enemy you can’t see but is always there.



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