EPISODE #233 – The Continuing War to Terrorise

On the anniversary of the 11th of September, WBF took time to remember, reflect and question. Question the status quo we so readily accept from the media, from government, and from those ill-enough informed to spread the propoganda of both the afore-mentioned institutions.

Would 1109 still have happened if Gore won the election – probably! In fact once the US started clamping down on certain groups, i’m sure Gore’s wife would have wanted some stickers printed up just in case we started to think for ourselves… Democracy missing in action! The big question may uin fact how will GWB be remembered out of all this “War on Terror”. I personally think as a religious zealot who sent the poor of his country to kill those unable to defend themselves so certain corporate interests would make a profit. Can’t imagine seeing that in Time Magazine anytime soon. Maybe he’ll ljust be remembered as the guy who didn’t send ambulances to a cyclone quickly enough – because the lives of a few african-americans is probably easier to have on your conscience and in the history books than the 100s of thousands who’ve been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan… and for what exactly? To capture Saddam Hussein (they did that didn’t they?). To get the WMD (oh they don’t exist?). Or is it to capture Osama Bin Laden LIVE on Fox News… now the question is, do they want him to be caught – there’s still so much money to be made after all!!!

You know i like fruit!
Mostly plums.
But i’m really starting to HATE Peaches!!
Peaches Geldof; Spoilt little rich girl, celebrity DJ, MySpace junky [http://www.myspace.com/peachesislife], target of A Walk In The Black Forest. Each week her arse is ours – which makes a change – usually it belongs to the male population of Ibiza. Peaches, queen of the DJ scene and head of the Trash Pussies [http://www.myspace.com/trashpussies] is oh so cool. In fact so cool that she hangs out with the right people, goes to the right clubs, ingests only the trendiest opiates. But you know what – she still gets grounded when daddy says so. Our question is: what for? Maybe it’s for cleaning Pings stylus.

Pete loves Al Gore. Ian McFarlane doesn’t. Ian McFarlane works for Little Johnny. Ian McFarlane is an arsehole!

Speaking of Al Gore… do you think he has a MySpace page??


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