EPISODE #281 – Live Via Satellite from the Home of the Surrender Monkeys!!

Joining us LIVE via satellite from his Brussels hovel, we bring you Pete 08. Suave, continental, a man for all seasons, and to add to his glories, his accomplishments – A Walk in the Black Forest can now officially proclaim Pete 07 (his former persona) the winner of the Fuck O Meter 2007! And for that he gets the prize: 4 metres of garden hose, a bucket, 3 croissants and a lime coloured soup ladle. May you and your hypothetical future progeny enjoy them and use them for good and not evil…or at least film it and upload it somewhere!

A long detour, but as Pete joins us from Europe it gave Richard and him enough time to compare food, travel tips and their manhood! Thank God it was via satellite link!!

The NSW government, now known as the “Blunder Corp”, have come up with the idea of banning flavoured tobacco. This is supposed to deter young people from smoking. Hell when i was a kid, i can’t tell you the amount of times i’d go and spend $9 or $10 on some strawberry flavoured cigarettes. It was soooooooo cool!! Later on though i graduated to the heavy stuff – peach, lime… blackberry. Thanks to the NSW government I never have to look at another kid, sitting by the side of the road desperately licking a Strawberry Shortcake doll just to get a fix. Morris Enema, the children of NSW owe you a debt of gratitude! Of course this could mean the end of the hookah bars. Flavoured tobacco is very popular in the Middle East/ Granville. Oh well, they’ll have to do what the rest of us do – just smoke in a flavoured hooker instead. Yuck i feel sick now!!

The US Election got a real hammering this week as Pete was trapped in his Gulag-like room in Brussels. All he had to do all day was watch CNN and the free porn channels. He now has a very warped view of Wolf Blitzer!

That being said the debate quickly moved from the election to Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD, then the election including a long ans complex explanation of the Iowa primary, how Huckabee LOVES Chuck Norris, and how Huckabee also LOVES Jesus!! All that plus CNN’s Election coverage room full of experts and Chief Political Correspondents! Mmmmmmmmmm, Wolf looks good!!

From CNN’s Anderson Cooper jetting around the world, to Britney being nuts, and the replacement for cricket – how about ice hockey… without the helmets or the padding!

Pete regaled us with tales of foreign excess! Weird Communist party rules from Hong Kong, how the Environment Minister and the Trade Minister were executed for not doing their jobs, how China is now full of McDonalds and Hugo Boss (good place for Hugo!!), how Shanghai is a huge shopping centre and how the US moving their manufacturing off China’s mainland to Laos and Cambodia will lead to World War 3. All that and some lanyards…

The Fuck O Meter this week? Well, you had to ask…
P: 5
R: 3
A: 1
FuckOMeter 051206.JPG
Even from so far away, he still gets the ball rolling with the swearing…!!

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