EPISODE #232 – Juggling Neutrinos

You see technology is a wonderful thing; cars, electricity, unrestricted access to hardcore pornography. But technology is also a burden – a yolk if you will. And that yolk was certainly around WBF’s show this week. Script ready i plunged into the abyss of the introduction (am i ruining an illusion by telling you i script that intro?) but as luck would have it… the microphone was working for the Forces of Meaness and rebelled against the WBF Collective. After a stealthful studio change – not even noticeble to the human ear – WBF was relaunched from Studio 11… not used since the civil unrest of 1923. Some thought it lost – but behind the pile of WHAM vinyl we found it!

So after blowing away the cobwebs – the show was off and racing. So much so that by 10:50 the Fuck-O-Meter was peeking like Lindsay Lohan on a Firday night. Richard had already dropped 3, Pete had one, and in a fit of frustration at the equipment falling apart – i had 2… it was to build!!

Rickard, always the trend-setter (He’s been predicting the return of the flares for 4 years now… it will happen – but probably with the arse rather than his butt-free version!!) informed us of the new Red Bull Coke. Is it Red Bull, is it Coke? Coke in a Red Bull can. I think the slogan is “Thin to the grip so you can slide in in fast”… that or “Coke – it’s got wings”.

Pete’s conundrum from last week resurfaced with the “Finding a Virgin” game show. Where Christian fundamentalists have to find the right virgin to implant Jesus’ DNA for the 2nd coming. Richard was anxious to help – untill we told him about the lightning round and then he started to question his stamina! That being said – the investigation would be handled in the most professional of manners – after all we aren’t journalists.

While “fighting the power”, as we do each week – New Orleans reared it’s head. Even though GWB did a great job of not noticing Hurricane Katrina, apparently Donald “The Donald” Trump did. Now this didn’t mean compassionate aid, or maybe interest free loans for people who lost their houses… no – it meant being able to buy land very VERY cheaply. He really will go to hell won’t he! The Australian media continue their stirling coverage of world events and reported on how the Australians (who left New Orleans 12 months ago) are now doing. One would think a hell of a lot better than those still trying to rebuild their lives in the ruins of what is left of the city.

Keeping up with the trends – Richard told us about the invetor of the Neutrino. I like the term inventor! You see he apparently “discovered” Neutrinos.

This is a Neutrino:
Not only did he “discover” Neutrinos, he also “discovered” a way to test for them and detect them. A bit like my Dinotrendal anomoly detector.
“Oh look, there’s a Dinotrendal anomaly…”
“Can’t see it?”
“Oh that’s because you need my supervison spectral imaging device…”
Genius!!! Science – what an amazing religion it has turned out to be – and aren’t we the stooges for believing every word of it…

So what will happen next week?
I’m bringing in my own microphone, Richard’s bringing in some Neutrinos in a Coke can, and Pete’s bringing in a hamster… not entirely sure why, and not too sure i’m going to hang around to see!

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  1. Pete
    10 September, 2006

    Jamiroquai can suck my mutherfcking stupid hat. Don’t get me started on that talentless twat. and now he is on a coke can. what is this world coming to, its virtual insanity.

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