EPISODE #231 – Deutschland Deutschland Vindaloo

Okay, i know this is late… take it like John Travolta – i’ll leave that one up to your informed discretion!!

Like a phoenix streaking across the sky, we too seemingly had our pants on fire. (Do phoenixs have pants?).

WBF’s first live cross in it’s present incarnation went off without a hitch. Apart from the phone not working and CIA bugging us, it was fine! As the previous links illustrate, Trina joined us from laborrights.org to collectively inform, enforce and kick arse against the capitalist overlords that are False-mart. Trina has a background in many many campaigns, and her insight into the issue certainly opened our minds (or mind if you would prefer).

Happily, after bringing down the power-elite, we were back on much more familiar ground… Geldof (wasn’t he in Lord of the Rings?). His lovely daughter Peaches, remember her? She likes to use the work “c*nt” and DJs in Ibiza while SOMEHOW still being able to keep up a busy working life being the daughter of a famous person. Must be tough!! Not only is Peaches a DJ in her own right, she’s opened her life to another DJ – DJ Ping, named for his incredibly poor taste in women. She is the Pong to his Ping. That, or he just such a small cock they use a sonar to get the ‘ping’ of it… the mind boggles!! So Peaches is, according to the UK press, a devotee of what is called a ‘bullet’. I too would like her to be more familiar with the ‘bullet’, but mine would be coming from a HK G36C. THIS ‘bullet’ however is not of the 5.56 calibre variety – it’s of the Columbian variety – delivered via cigarette into the nasal passages – well according to the UK press it is anyway. Who am i to say… mine comes from Wollongong. Bob has defended his daughters interest in South American cultural exports, saying that she’s young and impressionable. Obviously mummy taught her well… if you take it nasally it tends to not leave too much of an impression!

You know the Nazis left us with a strong cultural understanding of many things. How to build roads (while enslaving and killing millions), how to engage in mechanized warfare (while killing millions) and how best to describe John Howard’s policies towards immigrants and anyone not Christian! But in downtown Mumbai, where the food is hot and Punjabi MC is hotter, they have a very different idea. See Hitler – apparently is a very good way to sell a food franchise. Not the Golden Arches, but the Black Swazstika! This new chain of restuarants, all decked out in Nazi iconography has been suprisingly popular, with dishes like Satay Chicken Speers, Adolf Rissoles (you only get one – it’s an entree), Himmler Hamburger (packed with pork) and of course Eggplant Stabzi (it comes in a commemorative Night of the Long Knives plate). Maybe we’ll have one here soon…

Pete dazzled us with his Metaphysical Conundrum – so much so that it delayed this update by many days. The earth is still slowing from the momentum built around this theory. Apparently they’re digging up Einstein as we speak so he can come up with an answer and then years later we can find out he was wrong. Not Pete, Einstein, Pete’s never wrong – fool!!!
The weekly Fuck-O-Meter was interesting with me kicking off the batting. 11:21 fresh from the tales of Peaches and her fuzzy cheeks i could not hold myself back! There were a few other chippers in, but after Richard quoted the word “c*nt” i was lost! It all went to hell-in-a- John-Travolta’s-handbag!

Rock out – party on – the only good Nazi is a dead Nazi!!

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  1. 3 September, 2006

    Didn’t you guys discuss the cloning of Jesus on a previous (ie. years ago) episode of WBF?

  2. Richard
    3 September, 2006

    Ahh yes, you see, this is why we always vet Pete’s material before going to air. Unfortunately this week, Peter had actually convinced us that he was Jesus, and Abe and I just got a little too caught up in the whole idea of having a fictional biblical character on the show. Funny thing, it turns out that Peter wasn’t actually Jesus, which was a little embarrassing for Abe and I, but which is ultimately great news for atheists and agnostics everywhere.

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