Jason the fluffer presents…

See, Jason can do so much more than buffing.  Just ask climate-warrior John, thats where I got the recommendation from.  The wife couldn’t do without him.

However, here is Show 243.  Sorry for the dodgy sound this week, studio 74 ain’t what it used to be.  Our favourite rat in a cage died and Bruce’s replacement isn’t as good on the spinning wheel.  Count the in-jokes in that my peeps. It is my gift to YOU.

Details: http://www.archive.org/details/wbfshow243

Show:  http://www.archive.org/download/wbfshow243/wbfshow243.mp3

EPISODE #246 – …a kind of update…

This is 1] a kind of update, 2]a holiday hello and 3] a cunning plan…

1] So we did the show. I had to help Santa out with a few things. Oh wait on, that was Satan! Explains the horns and red hot poker. I just thought Pete needed a new poker. Well with that duty done WBF was able to have all hands on deck. The usual hilarity ensued, Richard swore and had some sterling one liners, Pete had lots to say and tall poppies to tear down, and since I didn’t panel this week – i have no idea what i did!!

2] Now as for Holiday Hellos. The WBF Crew/ posse/ lynch mob wish you and yours a great holiday season. See friends, spend some time with the family, sleep in, get some gifts, and give more than you get. Pretty straight forward really! Now as for Xmas being a Christian festival. That’s a load of horse hockey. Here, read this, or if you want a Christian perspective try this, or a corporate look. Fuck it – why not screw up all the Christian holidays while we’re at it! But that’s not really the point is it. The true message is friendship, family and togetherness – and without organised religion, it still would be the message wouldn’t it!!!

3] A cunning plan. Here’s an idea, let’s meet back here next year. 2007. When hopefully things can improve. People will see the light, technology will work in our favour, and your sexual partner will have the exact amount of body hair you find appealing. Come on ladies – be honest – a hairy bum is not attractive now is it? And if you find I’m talking about you and not your partner… wax!! Boys – do something about yourselves – it’s not hygenic. Do as Will Smith does, supplement your daily routine with Wet Wipes (American term i know smart arse!). That’s why he’s the Fresh Prince and you’re not!!

WBF will return in 2007. Thanks for listening, contributing, and keeping us all afloat.
Thanks to the team; Bill on the phones, Jamie on the MSN group and of course Jason who buffs Pete before every show.

EPISODE #245 – The Fascinating Rainbow Murken

When the topic of food comes up it can mean only three things;
1] Nicole Richie is being talked about (lack of food)
2] We’re hungry
3] The artisan chefs of “The Iron Chef” TV show have made their presence known.
It was the latter this time as the US series of Iron Chef drew fire. “Scallops”, “Scollaps” or “Scal-lops”. Now you read the later and think; WTF? Well in Peteland this is an entirely justifiable way to pronounce it. The Americans aren’t too sure, but Pete is – he just hasn’t picked on version yet. He used all 3, sometimes in the same sentence…

Australia’s xenophobic core again reared it’s ugly UGLY head with Pauline Hanson (The Orange Peril) back on the political path. You see we really don’t need her! With a racially biased government (who based their policies on her FAR right leaning ranting) and a populace now convinced there actually is a War on Terror (insert giggling here) she’s a dinosaur. Out-moded, out-maneuvered and lacking the media attention she used to crave, all she can really hope for now is a nice lump sum for running a political campaign… ooohhhhhhhhhhh!! So that’s why!!

It’s amazing how the closeness between Australia’s government and the soon to be deposed Junta of GWB has grown in the 10 years of Howard leadership. They agree on many many things; foreign policy, the detention of Australians illegally in Guantanamo Bay, the continued suppression of a sovereign nation (or two), buying expensive US made hardware, being suspicious of those unlike the ‘majority’. It’s great! Let’s all be Luddites together!! Well now the new Australian citizenship oath is sounding very close to the new US one. Odd that! Well i guess we’re all swearing toadying loyalty to the one master after all.

Millions of Peaches this week went from Boomtown Bob, to Madonna, to Peaches being booed off stage, to our favourite DJ Tourettes. You see Bob is off lecturing Turkeys, not not the bird, the country apparently. Why? Who the fuck knows!! Madonna loves Boomtown Bob. Hell she’s loved everyone else enough, maybe his name came out of the barrel this week. She thanks him for inspiring her to go to Africa and take someone else’s childpay a man for his child… liberate a child from poverty. Go Bob. Nothing like rich white people going a stealing kids from poor people. Wait on, aren’t they the Stolen Generation? Meanwhile Peaches got booed at the AOL Winter Warm Up. The crowd didn’t really warm to her at all, or her 12 changes of clothes during the occassion. Mind you if Bill Clinton wasn’t backstage she wouldn’t have to get changed at all. But DJ Tourettes was in town to give his support. What a fascinating guy!

The Fuck ‘O’ Meter this week:
Richard: 1
Peter: 1
Abe: 0

That’s not even worth the graphic…

EPISODE #244 – The Gagged Kochie and Torst Trapib!!

Interesting how last week we were banned from broadcasting, and in the same week David Koch (co-host of Sunrise) was wrapped over the knuckles for a joke about Little Johnny. I mean it’s not like Kochie’s joke was unfunny, or we hadn’t heard it before with other politician’s names inserted. It just he’s now a victim of the Howard Junta. Welcome to the family Kochie!

With revolutionary movements around the world “Fighting The Power”, WBF have decided to champion our own movement. The People’s Secessionist Republic of West Papua. Okay, we invented the name, but they do exist! Join in – make bumper stickers! Hell t-shirts!!! Come on… Bring it!!!

The Beazley/ Rudd duel got a run. Beazley had to go. Full stop end of story. Whether Rudd is the man to do it i don’t know, but actually using Garret on the Front Bench is at least a step in the right direction. Keeping Wayne Swan on… that’s another story.

In the first edition of Pete’s World Wrap, we covered the US representative John Bolton leaving the UN. Bolton has a checkered past, and putting him in the UN was a bizarre move for the US. He is a strident critic of the UN, in fact doesn’t think it should exist. Here’s some of the John Bolton backstory. We also looked at the Yellow Wiggle leaving. Richard, somewhat confused as to what a Wiggle was, thought the Wiggles was a bad case of intestinal worms – he’s not actually far off! It was at this point we were introduced to Torst Trapib. We love Torst – he’ll be coming in to chat in the next few weeks.

The Junta’s adoption of US copyright laws continued – and in the fine Australian tradition of “More British than the British” we’re now apparently more Yank than the Yanks. Unfortunately that means not only are they reviewing copyright laws, they’re also infringing on corporate entities like Apple and Microsoft. Oh this is going to get ugly!! Howard vs Jobs and Gates in a 3 way. I think i might have downloaded that at some point…

And with that truncated WBF wrap – we bid you “till next time”.

… oh the Fuck O Meter…
Richard: 3
Peter: 4
Abe: 1
FuckOMeter 051206.JPG