EPISODE #246 – …a kind of update…

This is 1] a kind of update, 2]a holiday hello and 3] a cunning plan…

1] So we did the show. I had to help Santa out with a few things. Oh wait on, that was Satan! Explains the horns and red hot poker. I just thought Pete needed a new poker. Well with that duty done WBF was able to have all hands on deck. The usual hilarity ensued, Richard swore and had some sterling one liners, Pete had lots to say and tall poppies to tear down, and since I didn’t panel this week – i have no idea what i did!!

2] Now as for Holiday Hellos. The WBF Crew/ posse/ lynch mob wish you and yours a great holiday season. See friends, spend some time with the family, sleep in, get some gifts, and give more than you get. Pretty straight forward really! Now as for Xmas being a Christian festival. That’s a load of horse hockey. Here, read this, or if you want a Christian perspective try this, or a corporate look. Fuck it – why not screw up all the Christian holidays while we’re at it! But that’s not really the point is it. The true message is friendship, family and togetherness – and without organised religion, it still would be the message wouldn’t it!!!

3] A cunning plan. Here’s an idea, let’s meet back here next year. 2007. When hopefully things can improve. People will see the light, technology will work in our favour, and your sexual partner will have the exact amount of body hair you find appealing. Come on ladies – be honest – a hairy bum is not attractive now is it? And if you find I’m talking about you and not your partner… wax!! Boys – do something about yourselves – it’s not hygenic. Do as Will Smith does, supplement your daily routine with Wet Wipes (American term i know smart arse!). That’s why he’s the Fresh Prince and you’re not!!

WBF will return in 2007. Thanks for listening, contributing, and keeping us all afloat.
Thanks to the team; Bill on the phones, Jamie on the MSN group and of course Jason who buffs Pete before every show.

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  1. Pete
    23 December, 2006

    I said fuck at least 5 times.
    Abe said it once
    And Richard counts his own. It is a passion. Call it fuck spotting if you will. He just calls it his hobby.

  2. earley curley
    9 January, 2007

    i love this show – belated happy xmas / nye a week and a half into the james bond year 2-007, but fuckit!

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