EPISODE #240 – Reach Out and Touch…

As the universe settles over the revelations in “WBFTown – an Unauthorised Biography”, we revisited the Cronulla Riots. Remember those? When large groups of racially intolerant Australians decided to attack any “ethnic looking” Australians just because they could? Scenes of grown men and women punching and kicking, on mass, innocent fellow Australians because of their supposed ethnic background? Oh you don’t remember? Well maybe it’s because the story has now changed! This may sound more familiar; Patriotic young Australians decide to take back what was rightfully theirs from people who don’t look like them. That sound better? Well let’s just remember – these are the same Australians who attacked ambulances on the scene sent to help these innocent people, the same Australians who converged on terrified people on trains so they could hunt down “ethnics”, the same Australians who attacked families and defenceless motorists. Proud to be an Australian? If so, you must have missed this day!!

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WBF thinks there be some way to reward these “heroes” though. A parade, maybe a mini series on TV, or even a public holiday. Pete hit it on the head when he came up with “Stupid Dumb Aussie Fuckwit Day”. Carl Scully’s apparently interested in championing it.

We also, ironically, looked at the game Bully. In the game, you’re a student in a top private school, where violence and allegiances earn you points to proceed through the game. You can kill, be killed… and also make friends. Really good friends. In fact by kissing the right person, whether that’s a girl or boy, you can progress further through the game. It’s a bit like some top private schools in Sydney according to a recently released book – not too sure if in this game, teachers come onto students though!

The government has identified a need in Australian schools. Where as many classrooms have no air conditioning, or use temporary class rooms, combined classes or have to cancel programmes due to lack of funds, Little Johnny and his Junta have now discovered they have $9 million to spend on education. But not on these important things, he wants to use it on getting God into schools. Yes Chaplains as school counsellors. No bias there!!! Amazing, ever since Little Johnny won an election on the back of some Christian Fundamentalists – he seems to have found God. Is this man, and in turn this country, that easy to buy? One Nation under God – Little Johnny is the Guiding Light!!

Millions of Peaches trumpetted the story of Peaches’ new (or not so new) beau Johnny Tourettes (known in some circles as DJ fucking-arsehole-yip-yip-sucky-knob). Apparently they’re back together… or is Johnny actually with the Page 3 girl he’s been rumoured to be flipping regularly. Peaches has been hit hard by his ‘betrayal’. Lost, vulnerable, alone she wanders the streets in search of anything… something. If we’re lucky maybe she’ll discover talent. She is badly in need of some!

With the prominence of God in Australian Life, we decided that God needed to remove the Fuck ‘o’ meter – lucky that, Richard breaking the all time record – 15 in one voice break (on purpose)! He wasn’t alone, we all sinned… where’s that government sanctioned counsellor?

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