It never rains but it pours, constantly. All the fucking time. Drizzle. More WBF history part II

PART II of our gift back to you. Three more tracks of dubious origin, but award winning thespianity. We give you two Shakespeare inspired pieces, plus one less Shakespeare, more Coleridge. And you never know, you might even laugh.

Romeo and Juliet

This is the very first sketch we wrote and it one of the only truly collaborative sketches we did. It is probably not that funny as we were trying to be smart. We soon learnt that fart sounds and the word rectum were funnier than Shakespeare. Oh how right we were, Kyle.


Keeping up the same theme, here is a sketch written by Richard and acted by Richard and Pete doing his worst posh british accent. That skill however has been incredibly useful in his new career as a butler to a variety of minor royalty.

Blokes again

Oh dear. Culture at last. Richard and Pete do Coleridge and Chisel, at once, in the same sketch. I think Pete wrote this one. Like almost everything we did, it was extremely Pythonesque.

Pete Written by:

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