WBF Show 321: Tinder and Grndr – Just for research

Right. There are two ways to approach to this.  We could simply spill the beans.  Make reference to gaps, breaks, holidays and hiatus (yes, we had that cured).  But you know, does anyone really care?  I don’t. Abe certainly doesn’t. Richard just doesn’t understand the whole thing. Now Abe cries. Peter giggles. Richard farts.  Abe cries again. You know the trope.

This is a Walk in the Black Forest, Show 321. Almost everything we predicted in Show 320 never happened.  Apparently, the liberals won the election and Tony Abbott became Prime Minister.  It was then that we knew we were dreaming.  It was a vision inspired by a truckload of Ketamine, some mushrooms we found under a tree in a farm owned by Asher Keddie and these tiny blue pills prescribed by our doctor for a thing called ‘E.D’.

In the end, WBF show 321 almost like felt six years had passed, but clearly it hadn’t.  I checked my watch.   It was still 2009.  I am still waiting patiently for the London Olympics.  I am listening to my Bill Cosby records. Rolf is a national hero. Knighthoods will never exist again.  A German is Pope, and he used to be be in the Hitler Youth. And that’s better.  KRudd is a national hero and Julia will stand by him no matter what. Gary Glitter, well he is just a pervert really.

What the hell, listen to the show. See if you can find meaning in the chaos.  See if there is a polished turd amongst the sea of shits and giggles. And maybe, just maybe, we might be back once in a while to ride the wave of the post-digital age, to laugh and mock uproariously at the idea of an on-going Liberal government and to continue making the case, to everyone who will listen, we were just on Tinder and Grndr for RESEARCH. R.E.S.E.A.R.C.H.

or for those locked into ‘old’ media. Also, this is where you might find hundreds of hours of fun.

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