Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes

Ladies and gentleman, it is I that have to apologise for the delayed return of your favourite pum, bum und fart humourmongers.  I have been on a quest, a mission, a pilgrimage if you will to find something that seems to be hiding from me, taunting me with hope and then vanishing faster than malcolm turdbills hair rinse.  Yes, I have searched the world high and low.  I have travelled, yes my friends, I have travelled, I have travesed, I have travailled, I have trav-cationed to exotic locales such as Bristol, Dallas, Aachen and well, to be honest, Paris to find this rare and elusive thing.  No, its it not nude pictures of  Tzipi Livni (But if you have any, you are a sick puppy, destroy them NOW!) nor is it the musing sof John Howard about the glory of the ashes (although I did have to listen to that, made me violently sick all over keyboard).  No, it’s the search for the miracle that is the


Once I have found it, we can start insulting everyone we like

Message ends

Peace Out

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