The big announcement

Did you hear the ‘big announcement’? It was a magic night on air as the team from a WBF finally announced the big announcement of all big announcements, announcing it from the annunication hill at the Sands Casino and Doughnut House, Las Vegas, Indiana.

Oh, you fucks want to hear the announcement? Selfish bastards. You will have to find it in one of the following podcasts, that through the magic of radio, have all appeared at once in your little RSS feed.

But if you want a hint…shhhh, come in close. Closer. Closer. Not that that close, I’m married. Abe is a woman. Here, see the pic.

We have been digitially altering his voice for years, fiddling with the bass tones, tinkling with the harmonics and generally dealing with the high pitched screeches, and well, leaving them in there for posterity. There you go, the big announcement. Wow, I feel so much better now thats out in the open. How about you Abe?

OK, so to the shows…

Show 315 – Richard and Pete learn the benefit of post-production
Oh yes, there is such a thing, even such a polished, well-rehearsed and scripted show like ours. Especially, where lynch mobs are concerned



Show 316 – John Howard, full of shit, full of shit, full of shit
John Howard is a weenie little ideologue, stevie let your hair hang down, getting stimulated, coon is a type of cheese, it is NOT SHOOTING THE MONKEY, abe explains what simulus is (with and without a video camera) and we countdown to the big announcement (which you already know!)



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