EPISODE #235 – The Rough Cut Punt…

The triumvirate back in action – heralds resound, birds take flight, deer prance in the fields… or is it birds resound, deer take flight and heralds prance in the fields – bloody hell i don’t know!!

John Howard is a leader – a strong ad virile leader, well so they want you to believe. But this week Pete revealed the truth. A truth hidden somewhere deep inside the DaVinci Code. Behind the backmasking on Beatles albums. Under the rose bush on the grassy nole. In fact Little Johnny is a weak man!!! He’s lied, he’s flip flopped on the GST – he is in fact a weak leader unable to keep the support of his party, a man deposed many times when opposition leader. He is a man without support!! He is Soft Cock John… What he needs is a united force around him, maybe a young and vibrant force of young people who like to sing and wear brown shirts – i don’t know, maybe something like the Howard Jugend.

With Coles making a “record profit” and still firing 2,000 workers while setting up their stores for an expected Walmart take over (all they really have to do is change the signs out the front) we wondered if Economic Rationalism could be flipped on it’s head. What about Human rationalism. Whenever the economy does badly let’s kill off the part which cost the most. How about the old? See it makes sense! Then when things seem rosier we can all procreate – in the streets if we make it a public holiday. Hell let’s film it and sell dvds on the net. Australia Goes Wild – National Orgy Volume 1. The yanks would eat it up. We could make a fortune. Australia, no longer meat pies and cork hats – it’s cream pies and engorged phats…

That may be the singularly grossest thing i’ve ever written – i apologise on behalf of me, myself and I…

This week Australia was on alert. The War on Terror continues with Soft Cock John under 24hour protection. His residence under camera observation, his grounds surrounded by barbed wire, armed guards at the ready. This however does not explain how a man was able to land on SCJ’s private wharf, while wearing camo gear in the middle of the night… AND NO ONE NOTICE HIM!!! If there really was a War on Terror he would have had a .50 cal shell between his eyes before he even looked at scaling the wire fence! Honestly people, if the War on Terror existed then we’d actually see people being protected. SCJ’s wife shops without security!! In the US they make a much better show of it. Ever wonder what’s under the White House lawn? These guys…

US Secret Service CAT officer.jpg
Now that my friend is security!!!

With Blogging becoming a real and politically ptotent tool – the US have decided that blogging is a threat. This guy, http://www.joshwolf.net/blog/ has been nabbed by the US authorities for filming something. Can you believe it? Using a handycam is now illegal – i wonder whether we could have a class action suit against Sony since we are now no longer able to use it as freely as advertised. “The Sony HD460 – High Definition video… but don’t use it in public…”! So not only do they see this guy as a threat – the forces of evil now do their own blogging! Yes the Republicans, now able to walk upright without dragging their knuckles on the ground, have learnt how to use the internet. Having splashed holy water over the console and keyboard, and prayed for redemption at using the devil’s tool, they have turned up on the net. They spray vitriolic hatred and lies, slander politicians and people who work in their communities to better people’s lives. What a proud way to live!!

Millions of Peaches this week saw Peaches’ dad in Norway – not too sure why, but he’s there and that’s along way from me – so i’m happy! He’s helping the poor while allegedly keeping his old band mates out in the cold! No royalties for the Boomtown Rats while Bob’s holding the purse strings! Not only is Bob potentially withholding roylaties, he’s also now faced with the fact that now only was his ex-wife shooting up Bolivia almost daily, she was also having an affair with a gay man! Is there something about Paula Yates we didn’t know… and conversley, what does this say about Peaches. Maybe Peaches is packing a few “peaches” of her own!!!

Okay Fuck ‘o’ Meter.
Richard takes the cake (how appropriate…) with 5 – yes you heard it right… 5! Pete on 0 (or maybe 1/2 depending on who you talk to) and Abe on 0 (or 1/2 if you talk to the same tool who heard Pete swear… Bloody Soft Cock John!!)

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