EPISODE #278 – Viva the Revolution!!!

So this was the big post-election wrap! Much dissection was had. Everything from Jackie Kelly, and Jeff Kennett, to the ALP candidate Newhouse getting slapped by some mad mother/ journalist/ no longer employed journalist at a polling station, to an overview of the election coverage.
In fact, if you didn’t like the election result (why are you listening to the show?) or you’re not into politics, then this was not the show for you! With a Kevin 07 shirt on the wall, and dreams of sugar plums dancing in our heads – victory was ours!!

There was much navel gazing by the now Opposition. The Libs fell apart. Squabbling, fighting over whose silver spoon was whose, and of course the ritual “i dropped the soap” game (but that’s pretty standard for most branch meetings of the Liberal Party). Many said the defeat wouldn’t have happened if Costello was in charge – and to a point that’s true. If he was the leader then the ALP would have won the Senate too! Richard used his standard indepth political brain to label Mark Vaile a “grimy little retarded frog man”, an apt if not particularly probing examination. Jeff Kennett was on the horn again, calling Peter Costello “gutless”. Mike Bailey, the ALP candidate for North Sydney was only beaten by the Libs high-profile Industrial Relations Minister Joe Hockey by 5 points once preferences were counted. Poor Joe!! No one loves a loser! … oh and Kevin Rudd won the election!

So before they finally decided on Brendon “The Earring” Nelson, there was a tussle. A tussle of class, ideology and hairstyles. The Libs love the quaff and the hairspray – it was a battle royale:
Tony Abbott, the man described by Paul Keating as “a young fogy” was a front runner, but after bungling pretty much anything he touched during the election, it will be a surprise to see him till well after New Years.
Young Brendon, the eventual winner, has busted the Liberal Party mold. He admitted the Iraq War is about oil, he’s socially moderate, and was once a member of the ALP. What ever happened to that ALP ‘blood in, blood out’ rule?
Malcolm Turdbill, Richie Rich, Mr Silver Spoon, Captain My Dad’s Richer Than Your Dad. Paul Keating says he’s “like a fizzling firecracker” and his arch conservative views are well known. That being said, he really didn’t endear himself to the Liberal Party when he was the main voice for the Republican Movement. Those grannies just wouldn’t be happy haveing him in the top job!
But in the end it came down to Nelson. The Earring, the big hair, the embarrassing laugh. Oh I’m quite looking forward to the next election!! Speaking of which – Kevin Rudd won the election!!

At this point Maxine was ahead in our final edition of Battle For Bennelong. She eventually won (and didn’t Johnny look happy!?!), but during the show there was only 2702 votes separating them. Tight!! Little Johnny voted at a local primary school, in fact the very school that Pete kicked Paddle Pop Lion in the Jatz Crackers. We shouldn’t be hard on Pete though. That was the week before the election…. which (if you didn’t know) Kevin Rudd won!!

Speaking of Pete, his wild, untamed political brain finally got the better of him, and 4 days after the election victory… Pete called it as a Labor win! Yes, it was 4 days later – but he called it. No other political commentator would come out so forcefully so long after the victory to make a statement like that. He really is the powerhouse behind machinations of the political machine! Go Team Pete!! (which not only endorses, but fully supports the Kevin Rudd election victory!)

Poll Smoking revealed the truth of it though. The polls were wrong! Roy Morgan was closest, and the SKY News exit poll was pretty close – but overall the polls were wrong. In fact next month Pete is going to predict the final tally, and I’m pretty confident he’ll be 99% right. There’s a prediction. There’s the kind of hard impact analysis you expect from A Walk in the Black Forest! The programme that whole heartedly accepts the new Rudd government.

Fuck O Meter this week…
P: 4
R: 3
A: 0

FuckOMeter 278.JPG

… that’s because we’re so f&#king pleased about the election victory of Kevin Rudd and the deposing of the Howard Junta!

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