EPISODE #277 – Once Upon a Time…

With much delay, A Walk in the Black Forest Presents: Episode #277 – The Summary.

Back what seems like aeons ago, before K-Rudd freed the people, when terror swept the land in the guise of IR Laws, when Australia was marginalised on the world stage, there was Episode #277 – and it went a little something like this:
From Richard Shpeering the room, to fan mail and Anna Coren’s lovefest with the PM and Peter Costello. A mixed bag? Yes – but all true! In the pre-election wrap, Costello and Howard weren’t the only ones loving it up; K-Rudd was getting some hardcore Rove action. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing for K-Rudd – Goofy Downer was doing his best for the coalition’s election chances, calling K-Rudd “boring”. Far be it for me to be the arbiter of what’s boring and what’s not… but Goofy Downer? The man’s an inbred fool!!! Maybe K-Rudd can take it as a “no” from the incest vote. Nationals Leader Mark Vale meanwhile was telling the world that “Australians demand better health care”. Does Mark Vale realise his sides in power? His sides the one with the money, the ones who allocate funding?

Now Pete’s a long-time Labor man. His statue of Gough made from cheese was up for the Packer’s Prize at the Archibold, Bob Hawke autographed his left buttock after his support through the 80s, and of course there’s the likeness of Pete amongst the Keating children. He’s Labor!! But this election he plans to vote Green in the senate. Some see it as treason – personally i just think it’s the Christmas fever in the air. Greens on the red senate floor. As far as we’re aware he’ll be working closely with Deborah Hutton in 2008 on her new range – It’s a beautiful thing…

Malcolm The Turd Turdbill caused quite a sensation on the programme, with varying opinions – none of which he would like! Either he’s out of touch so he should be leader of the Libs after Howard so no one would ever vote for them again, OR he shouldn’t be leader because he’s a wally! Not really sterling endorsements for the Member for Wentworth. Now Malcolm’s a big fan of rain technology – and luckily some technologists have come along to tell him more. Funnily enough, these same technologists just happen to be “buying him lunch” to help with his campaign. Now that’s the kind of guy you want running a political party!!

Little Johnny’s not that popular. In fact a number of people don’t like him including Malcolm Fraser (ex-Liberal PM), Gough Whitlam (ex-PM and god-like figure), Jeff Kennett (ex-Lib Premier) and John Hewson (ex-Lib Opposition Leader). Pretty big hitters really. Oh Little Johnny – 4 days and counting my friend – and you had no idea what was going to happen!!

From the National arena, to International hard hitting news; with the ultimate royal bitch slap being handed to President Hugo Chavez. Chavez is a great man (unless like Pete you read US newspapers). The US have lead a number of campaigns against him, including assassination attempts, rigged elections, international sanctions and a media campaign that seems to have been organised by a master propagandist. But this week Hugo came up against the King of Spain, who while defending the old Spanish PM (who was plotting to overthrow Chavez in a military action) told Chavez to “shut up”. Bit rude!! But the Spaniards have now turned this phrased into a ring tone which is selling millions. Bloody Spaniards – where’s Franco when you need him!?

Poll Smoking this week was hot and contemporary as the election was just days away. Roy Morgan had the ALP way out in front with their figures saying voters made their minds up 5 months ago! Newspoll was a little closer, but none the less the ALP were ahead just days before the election. Richard had always predicted the ALP victory, with Pete and I somewhat more reticent. Richard’s enthusiasm was electric! He was positive. We were just positive that if he stuffed this up – we’d kill him!!

Fuck O Meter… oh dear!!!
P: 12
R: 7
A: 0
FuckOMeter 070807.JPG
… and with that the election began…

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