EPISODE #275 – “Nooooooooooooooo Howard-o”

Now don’t say WBF doesn’t do the hard yards for you! We go far and wide to bring you all you need to know – this week all the way to the electorate of North Sydney to hear from Greens candidate Ted Nixon. North Sydney whose people are currently ruled by the repressive Hockey Regime. Bouncing Joe Hockey, bouncing all the way to less pay and conditions for workers. I wonder if he’s proud of himself? “Vote for Pedro”… more like send him to Mexico.

So Richard arrives and it takes him 2 seconds to make a fellatio reference. Are you surprised? No – me either! I’m sure as Ted sat huddled around the fire that evening, listening to his interview, little cup of tea and a biscuit on his lap, Mrs Nixon by his side and the cat Mr Fluffkins on her knee – it’s exactly what they expected to hear!

As the election draws to a close, Family First (the new darlings of the religious Right) have gone into a bit of a turf war with Fred Nile and the old school religious Right – sending preferences away from his Burn the Gays and Ban Muslims Party. Why pray tell? (insert pun here!! Boom boom) Well it’s an old fashioned turf war! The kids with their leather jackets and flick knives, Mrs Nile in her bobby-socks chewing gum and staring down the Family First ‘moles”. Oh it’s ugly!! Beat boxing verses from the King James, burning of other people’s bushes and drive-by crucifixions. Where will it end? Personally i think there’s only one real solution. The two sides, a large arena, and about 40 lions. WBF – kickin’ it old school!!

Of course there was more, from National Bingo, to Melbourne Cup where the rich celebrate hitting horses with a whip (and shouldn’t you be sooooooo proud of yourself?), to the Citizen’s Electoral Council seeing “Reds Under The Beds” at every corner and George Miglio-anus. See – busy night!!

Now one of our favourite things, apart from whiskers on chickens, is Tony Abbot. He’s a good guy! He’s not arrogant, he didn’t turn up to a national debate 30 minutes late, he didn’t call Bernie Banton (in his last days from cancer) names… he’s open and forward thinking. He doesn’t really think single mothers are morally repugnant, or that elite private schools deserve more money because they’re better people, or that abortion counselling services should be run by the Catholic Church and the Right to Life groups! Not our Tony Abbott. It’s just a shame he lives in electorate that’s so safe. Because the one thing I’d love to see is Tony Abbott having to face defeat. Having his local electorate turn on him and give him back the kind of betrayal he has given us. The legacy isn’t good Tony, it’s nothing to be proud of. Run your marathons, because the way you behave will be your true indictment – not the brand of your running shorts!

Fuck-O-Meter tonight:
P – 2
R – 3 (not including the obligatory fellatio joke)
A – 0
FuckOMeter 275.JPG

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