EPISODE# 273 – The Combantrin of Aust. Politics

You know, i just had a thought; although a legend and a bit of a hero of literature, Tarzan would have never worn deodorant! That’s really quite gross!!

But i digress…

A Walk in the Black Forest was very happy to have our first election interview guest this week, with Lindsay Peters from the Greens coming in to have a chat. We will hopefully be seeing more candidates make their way in, and Lindsay had a lot of interesting things to say about the environment, the Howard junta and the importance of a bigger picture than petty election pay off tax cuts. Great to have him in, and even better to see someone from the ice cream empire can also have a social conscience!!

The K-Rudd vs Little Johnny-No-Hope Debate certainly polarised the populace. If you support the PM, then you’d see a strong performance by a seasoned leader. Mind you that’s only if your guide dog would get out of the way of the TV long enough for the psych ward nurses to put you back in your straight jacket. Everyone apart from those loyal to Johnny would have seen a clear Rudd victory. Surprising really! I hadn’t really thought he’d do so well, but there seems to be real substance there, a real vision for the future. Certainly the government didn’t do itself proud either, with ministers heckling from the audience, Johnny’s tantrum and an overall arrogance that just didn’t play! Rudd showed himself as a real alternate PM, and with Costello smirking away like a Cheshire cat, he’s lost his glow…

We highlighted the death of musician Paul Raven who died suddenly this week. Bass player with Killing Joke and later Ministry, he has been a constant on WBF over it’s incarnations, and his death is a sad and early one at the age of 46.

Richard was noticeable by his absence. The swearing was down, there was a definite decrease in flatulence, and 100% of the people on the show SPOKE INTO THE MIC!!!! Richard had in fact HALO jumped into Canberra to monitor the looting by conservative lobbyists and storm troopers of the fascist oligarchy.
First with the news, he delved deep into the Costellostag – the 96 foot Golden Dildo erected in honour of Captain Knobhead. No pictures yet exist, but the glow can be seen from Ulladulla. Last we heard Richard was boarding the WBF A-10 Warthog to ‘monitor’ the exodus of Howard yes-men. Happy hunting!!!

Pete loves to go out. He packs his little bag with a muesli bar, a poppa, the latest Archie comic and an Uzi. Sometimes it’s a Mac10, but these days it’s an Uzi. (Random note – the word “Uzi” is in the spell checker…!!) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, this time it was the Granny Smith Festival. As you can see from the links, he had a great time watching the pretty balloons and meeting nice gorilla-men. Guess who was there? Little Johnny No-Hope! Pete was happy. He’d saved his muesli bar up for the train trip home, but now had a better use for it. Gingerly Pete approached the PM with his offering. Sadly it wasn’t the muesli bar – so with his pants down around his ankles, security escorted him away. How different things could have been!

Fuck O Meter this week:
P: 4
R: 3 (and he was only on for 5 minutes!)
A: 0

FuckOMeter 180507.JPG

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