EPISODE #268 – Yes I Know It’s Late…

Apologies for the delay – but i’ve just got my PC back from the authorities post-APEC. It’s true – and if it’s isn’t, you’re probably right! Fraggin’ smart arse…

Now i know we’re a bit hard on the Authorities at times when they overstep their mark, but this week, NSW Police Uber Truncheon Scipioni stated that when the boys from the Chaser interfered with the recent APEC conference, the snipers could have shot them. In fact, according to His Clobberingness, “that’s what snipers do”. Reeeeally!?! Well i’m not to sure these “elite” units would like to be seen as possibly being allowed to shoot civilian comedians who posed no real security threat. Weren’t they the last line of defence? “Defence” being the operative term… Oh Scipioni, me thinks you’re a fan of the weapon, not the policy. Watch this space. The other rather interesting aftermath from APEC was Pete’s love for the President of Chile. I refuse the elaborate – suffice to say she loves Pete too:
From Richard’s love for the Vegan in all of us, to Canada’s PM still being here post-APEC, and Indonesia’s President still Bang Bang Banging, we then discovered a love that dare not share it’s name. The kind of love only told in story books, tales of valour, honour and industrial grade lubricant; Richard’s love for General David Petreaus:

It’s the medals isn’t it?!

hey Mr President looked at Tom Tancreedo, the Republican from Colorado. The evangelical Christian who loves Mexican food, but hates Mexicans! Yes that’s right “Deport all immigrants” is his catch cry. Not only does he like shooting pheasants and skeets, he also approves of “The Minutemen” shooting Mexicans feeing across the US border. He’s all man our Tom.
As you know all candidates in this section of the show are rated on 3 important criteria:
1] How many Social Networking Sites do you appear on – Tan-Greedo = 0.5
2] How much merchandise – Tan-Greedo = 2
3] How many ringtones – Tan-Greedo = 0
Oh Tan-Greedo, no wonder Han shot first!!
Tan-Greedo - small.JPG
Also in the news, it was proven this week that conservatives have different brain wave patterns and decision making abilities than “liberals”/ left-wingers. Well no shiite, banana-boy! We’ve been putting up with these right-wing pseudo-fascists destroying social services, sending us to war, kicking legal immigrantrs out of the country, or gaoling them. Yes there’s a big bloody difference – they’re bloody evil!!!

And finally we touched on Little Johnnie No-Hope and his floundering popularity! You see When Goofy Downer is a “power-broker”, you know you’re in trouble. So Howard will stay, until he can hand it over to Abbott & Costello in 12 months time. Well he has to win an election first! He’ll have to get passed the Mandarin speaking Man of Steel K-Rudd first . And he’s got Hu Jin Tao on his side. You Jin Tao, Me Jin Tao, we all Jin Tao!!

The Fuck ‘O’ Meter this week:
Peter: 2
Richard: 1
Abe: 1
FuckOMeter 030707.JPG

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