EPISODE #255 – Hu Jin Tao? We All Jin Tao

John Howard is a great Local member. Here he tells you so himself He’s upheld the sacred trust of all Bennelong residents, supporting their families and their blind obedience to the Liberal cause. In fact he’s SO loyal to Bennelong, he refuses to join his local radio station, he refuses invitations to visit Public Schools, in fact he only really turns up to “shake it all about” with those hep-cat grannies who’d vote for him anyway! Little Johnny – we don’t want you anymore!!

This wek’s show will be remembered by all as the show Richard proclaimed, ney predicted the victory for Rudd in the upcoming election. He had a rumbling in his media, later explained by his dinner, that this victory would be so. Oh Richard if you’ve jinxed Ruddikins – you are in SOOOOO much shiite!! Of course John Hewson was predicted to win his election too, with an approval rating of 75% just weeks before the election… but NOOOOOO. Of course Howard is a battler. He’s come from the suburbs, done his public service and now vies for ultimate power – just like a small Austrian boy once did. the parallels are still there!!!

Unfortunately in this sad world, the youth (or “Youff” if you live in Granville) see the Howard Junta as the middle ground, America as a protector, Big Brother as entertainment, and Gretel Killen as a woman. Who would have thunk it!? Still there are worse things in the world – Robert Mugabe for instance. Now the debate raged as to the recent comparison between him and Little Johnny. Sure it seems extreme, but Mugabe is at least overt about taking away people’s human rights, stamping on the media, resticting voting, racial marginalisation. Little Johnny however is much more covert, letting the populace’s petty prejudices do the work for him. Strangely similar, yet again, to a young Austrian man some years ago!!

Religin plays a big part in US society – just ask the Ginger Ninja, Chuck norris. He was famous once, appearing with Bruce Lee in films, then killing brown people and communists in many many movies, finally capping it off with ads for the Abdominiser and becoming Walker Texas Ranger. Unfortunately for us Chuck is an idiot! Not usually a probelm, but famous idiots seem to be able to get press no matter what they do! So the Ginger Ninja is now on a campaign against the evils of Atheism. Yes that incidious, vile, cult where people believe in what they want and aren’t controlled by an authoritarian oligarchy. That’s right Chuck, you spent years killing the minions of one “evil empire” in Communism, now you serve your own “Christianity”. Hypocrisy?

Finally, last but certainly not least, Peaches, who this week was trashed by DJ Ping as being White Trash. Apparently Glad Tough Bags are planning on suing. Hot on the heels of this, Peaches has been voted the 2nd Best Dressed Celebrity in the UK. How? your guess is as good as a well placed “donation” the the magazine i assume. Daddy emanwhile has become an honourary doctor. Again legal action is pending, with Doctor Who, Doctor Spock and Doctor Mengele all planning on suing!

Fuck O Meter this week:

Peter: 2
Richard: 5
Abe: 1.2

FuckOMeter 300507.JPG

Why is the Fuck O Meter so small??

WBF embraces web 2.0 and no-one calls the cops

Alright, alright, we have gone down and started to give the love jollies to web 2.0 and we have set up a WBF myspace, check it out.  Some fucker in oregan stole WBF as his myspace identifer, so we have to become;



make us your friends and we can be friends back and in the land of Rudd we will all hold hands and sing happy songs.


EPISODE #254 – 2.0

Many issues were raised through this episode; Pete’s never ending struggle with the dichotomy of French culture and the fact the French believe their won press, Richard’s continued obsession with cataloguing bodily noises, and Abe’s ability to take a seemingly good idea and make it into something closely approximating one of the lesser episodes of “Chances”.

All of these were raised – but nothing quite so challenging as “What the hell is Web 2.0?”

Throughout the programme more was discovered as we peeled away, onion like, the thin skin of the World Wide Web.

Speaking of which, did you know… ummm, that it’s illegal to download content across international boundaries? Me either!! Not only that but Pete hates Tracey Grimshaw! How could you hate this woman?


As A Walk in The Black Forest continues to cover the Battle for Bennelong, our very own Maxine of Arc, apparently walked straight passed Little Johnny during a Liberal “meet and greet” in the seat. Not a real surprise, hopefully a lot of Australians will be seeing his irrelevance to the electorate. Hopefully when Web 2.0 comes in we can delete him!
Goofy Downer decided to bail Cricket Australia out of the fine imposed by the ICC for not attending the Zimbabwe test. Now my question was this… why are we bailing out a multi-million $ private company? I don’t want to pay! I don’t care!! This wouldn’t happen with Web 2.0!!

The government in all it’s wisdom has provided $10 million to the Community Radio sector to upgrade to digital broadcasting. You see in some years they are going to turn off the transmitters, and anyone not upgraded is stuffed. Apparently not even Web 2.0 will help them! So 10 mill sounds like a bit, huh? Well not for the number of stations that need supporting! So the CBAA who “support the community broadcasting sector” have nominated a few. Oddly the few they chose already have the money, the few they chose are cool and funky, the few they chose are arse-licking wankers. Why are we not surprised! Democracy missing in action. Can’t wait for Web 2.0 to solve it…

Peaches was out and about this week. Apparently she’s upgrading to Web 2.0!

FuckOMeter this week:
Pete: 6
Richard: 2
Abe: 2

FuckOMeter 1805071.JPG

ohmygod! I just snogged Lindsey Lohan and now I have…..(insert blank here) YES! its show 254

After a record breaking 3rd week in a row, A Walk in the Black Forest presents Show 254 in surround sound MONO.  New DOLBY Mono, LucasSound pristine single channel, oh I give up!

Details: http://www.archive.org/details/wbfshow254 

Show:  http://www.archive.org/download/wbfshow254/wbfshow254.mp3

EPISODE #253 – John Howard’s Mighty Busch

And a heavily political show it was too!! Nothing wrong with that – tear down the Oligarchy i say!!!

After Pete rewound musical history to 1978, the proclamation was made “Global Warming is Over!”. Reputable tome and Howard mouthpiece, TWT proclaimed it true – so it must be. Both signs were explored, with an indepth study of all the options, a balance between economics and environment was made – but instead they copied and pasted Little Johnny’s megalomaniacal ravings to come up the most backward opinion since Pig Iron Bob used the poor to keep the Lodge warm in winter.

Joe Hockey – or as he’s now known Grimace after his purple corporate love-idol – has been demanding a Labor Party press release on IR Laws. So he got one. Unfortunately for Grimace it was so detailed he got bored and went back to playing with his Hornby set. With their usual aplomb the Aust Chamber of Commerce’s Peter Hendy copied and pasted a Little Johnny press release to respond to it. Unfortunately his copying and pasting was a little too precise and they ended up sounding like Bill and Ben the Flower Pot Men. “Lovers, if we could be lovers…”


Little Johnny, always a man of few considered words. He sees himself as a statesman, maybe a silver Holden Statesman with a bullbar, but none the less a statesman. But this week Big Brother got his goat (and what a pretty goat it is!). So much so that Little Johnny used… “The C-Word”. That’s right, the craptacular Big Brother has driven our very own Holden Statesman to utter the dreaded word – in public. Nice to see when all’s said and done he can get down and dirty and compete with another waste of airtime that for once isn’t Alexander Downer.

The Battle For Bennelong is on!!! With Young Maxine in the running and Labor with a rather nice lead, Little Johnny can be seen skulking around RSL Clubs, schools, public places… hey isn’t that loitering!? In this time, we’ll be keep an eye on Bennelong, looking out for those marginalised by the Howard Junta, the disposed, the free thinking (the ones who escaped the camps that is!), and those not afraid to kick out the Nazi Dwarf. Speaking of camp – Malcolm Turnbull. There’s someone to keep away from public places.

As for the Fuck-O-Meter… i forgot to count.

But we leave you with this message:

hes_watching_you - lIBS.JPG

Show 252 is available for overconsumption

Originally broadcast on the 24th April, the first show of season 2.  Sorry for the peaking audio, we are still trying out the new record technology in the studio.

Details: http://www.archive.org/details/wbfshow252

Show:  http://www.archive.org/download/wbfshow252/wbfshow252.mp3

remember, most of our season 1 shows are still on www.archive.org, either search a Walk in the Black Forest or go back through the posts here and find the links.

podcasts are back

yo brothers and sisters (i have watching anthony mundine press conferences)

the podcasts will be back from Friday, bigger and better (well actually, the same file size and really the content as before, but as you might be aware I am marketer and my job is to make my shit smell good)