Finally the show gets to air. Yes WBF hits the airwaves unencumbered by technology – sort of!!

The French have a lot to answer for; Nuclear testing in the Pacific, mime, pretentious cinema, and Pete’s ability to work his the French into any conversation ever had. Granted the last bit wasn’t their fault, but if the Prussians had just won WW1, then WW2 wouldn’t have happened AND we’d have no French!! See solved… I digress. So the French had this idea in their general election (generalle electionne) to show France as it would be under the competing parties. Great idea. So – we stole it! What would Australia be like if it was Howardstag or Ruddville? The Howardstag, as it’s known by official decree, is a land of religious free thinking. Every school has their own religious guidance (sponsored by the federal government) to instill the joy of Jesus into all our hearts; Christians, Muslims and Jews alike. The Howardstag also endorses a new movement – the Howard Jugend. It’s like scouts, uniforms, praising Queen Janette, institutionalised buggery – but they help Right-thinking Australians feel safe, by being on the lookout for foreigners who don’t run shops or clean our toilets. If they don’t fit into the category… well, it’s off to Camp Tampa. The land is free, free to follow direction from our benefactors in the UCA – United Confederacy of America. Ruddville you may ask? Why live in fantasy??

The Virginia killings raised may issues – none the least of which are the questions about the media. What’s the Matt Lauer’s hair? Is Katie Couric really plastic? How can Fox News be called news? The NRA says that all students would have been safer if they had been carrying guns. What the NRA seem to have missed is that the Virginia Tech Police aren’t just security guards – they actually are certified Police. They have their own SWAT team, their own sniffer dogs, and a shit load of guns and they couldn’t stop it!!! Oddly enough, in the “If It Bleeds It Leads” stakes, 200 people were killed in Iraq that morning – do you know what hit the headlines? Nice distraction for the corporate media to concentrate for almost a week entirely on this while more innocents die overseas. In the words of a certain F1 caller “Spin, spin, spin”.

The poms, well known for their willingness to shag on demand (easy to get, not worth the ride) have opened their own “sexual theme park”. With rides like the “slippery dip”, “Tea bagging clowns”, “The Penetrator” and more, it’s sure to be a blast! Cum one, cum all!!

Millions of Peaches this week brought us the escapades of Big Bob. Bob’s been out and about – obviously he’s broken containment lines… Bob’s going to be starting a hugely ambitious project “The Dictionary of Man“. It will encompass all of Mans existence so far in the 21st Century. It will cover music, news, pop culture and more. Luckily for Bob he’s very talented and can do all of that in 8 episodes! Go Bob – can’t wait to read his version of the Bible. Apparently it’s a pop-up book!!

And with that Season 2 Volume 2 Episode 1 of A Walk in The Black Forest was launched.

The Fuck-O-Meter was reasonably sedate:

Pete: 2
Richard: 2
Abe: 2

FuckOMeter 2403071.JPG


It’s here!! Back in Black, baby.

A Walk in the Black Forest Season 2 Volume 2

Now you may be thinking to yourself; ” Season 2 Volume 2… what the hell did i miss?”

Well this is how it works:

Season 1 – A Walk in the Black Forest (The Good Old Days) – circa late 90s to early 2000
Season 2 – A Walk in the Black Forest (The relaunch) – circa 2006 – 2007
Season 2 Volume 2 – A Walk in the Black Forest (Force Factor 10 post-hibernation bloodfest) – starting 17th April 2007

Hope that’s a bit clearer.

For the devotees, there was the little considered Season 1.5 where Pete adopted his weekend persona. Going by the name Trisha, he mainly did live crosses from an undisclosed location we now consider to be inside Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion.
Also at this time Richard returned to his plans of world domination, orbiting the planet inside a militarised plastic bubble. Unfortunately for him, world domination was foiled by the lack of a waste hatch (oddly considered unnecessary at the time). Eventually, up to his neck in effluent, he returned to earth to later rule the world by series of clandestine operations and malevolent dictatorship by stealth… ooops, i don’t think i was meant to say that!
Back in the studio, Abe spent off-show hours taking responsibility running around the power generator’s wheel after eating the hamsters (well it was more humane than leaving them there for Richard Gere). It was only then that he realised there was not enough power to keep WBF’s valuable dungeon holding the last remaining Czechoslovakians alive in suspended animation. So he ate them too!!
Not really something anyone likes to remember…

A Walk in the Black Forest Season 2 Volume 2 – April 17th.