Good question, Padwan!

It’s been a while since a show summary was either up, on time, or in fact reflective of the show.

Why i hear you ask?

Well i’d like to blame Pete, i could more likely blame Richard, and then again, there’s Little Johnny!
But (starting a sentence with the word ‘but’ – my english teacher would die!) in reality i can only really blame myself.

Apologies abound!
The updates will appear – they’re ready to go – the man hours are just lacking!!

Now, shut the hell up and stop bitching…

**Questions For Peterpedia wanted**

There comes a time in all of our lives when we need to admit defeat.
We can’t fix it all, we can’t do it all, and we can’t know it all – but luckily A Walk in the Black Forest can help.

Because Peterpedia does know all, does see all, can fix all.

No problem too complex, no question out of bounds.

You ask it – he’ll solve it!


Don’t be scared into silence…

Sincere Apology

I know A Walk in The Black Forest has crossed some boundaries this year.

We’ve tackled some taboos, tore down some tall poppies – but nothing has illicited the response, nay the fury, from last weeks show.

So i will take it upon myself to officially apologise for the incident.
I apologise to you, to my family, and of course the boys!

I can assure you, that never again (even when in context) will i play a track by Status Quo!

Again – we don’t often back away from the content – but this was just too serious to ignore.

WBF returns

A Walk in the Black Forest is a radio show, which was on 2RRR 88.5FM in Sydney, Australia from 25th April 1996 until 7th August 2001. Now with grass roots media being the way it is, and a conservative government which just won’t fuck off, we return with a vengeance!