Does my climax look big in this?

So what’s the big announcement? Here at WBF we’re not unused to climax. Did I say climax? Climax with a double negative no less. Oh yes, we’re certainly not unused to not raining on the metaphorical parade of old Climaxius Dramatis. Or as Aristotle once said, Pythias! Pythias! Pyythiiaaasss!!. A big announcement announced, and then no announcement, just silence… So much for suspense, not that we’re not unused to anticlimax, as I challenge you to find a single joke by Pete that Abe or I didn’t ruin first, or at least its certainly not unlikely that we didn’t not…

Confused? We’ve left 2RRR. That’s it, that’s the big announcement. After 15 years, we’re outa there, and heading for podcasting glory. We just figured we’d get out before community radio died out altogether.

Now we did record the final show, for those of you who’ve asked. Well, one guy asked. Well, he didn’t really ask, he sort of insisted. A Mr Acma or something like that. Any ways, the show’s still embargoed, because I said something about Matt Curley. Hopefully Mr Acma will get back to us in the coming weeks, so you can enjoy all the wholesome goodness of me at my finest.

So we’re taking a month or so off, just to reset the show, take stock, and make some big changes to the show format. Stay tuned. Or don’t. Up to you really. We’re certainly not unconcerned about your need for regular WBFness…

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