WBF Show 320 – I love the sound of static in the morning (circa 2009)

OK, there really is not a lot to say about this. This is the final WBF show ever broadcast on 2RRR, Sydney’s number one community station, the voice of the people and home of HARDCORE. It happened in 2009, sometime in April. This change was necessitated by a number of factors. One, we believed that terrestrial broadcasting was as dead as the chances of Tony Abbott winning an election and becoming Prime Minister (oh, how that idea us made us laugh in an era where we actually let PM’s be leader for more than 47 days – yes, we are looking you Julia, you started this). Two, we thought in the end that these ‘internets’ would dominate the world, allow us to be the next media superstars and take what was simply ground breaking comedy. Ground. Breaking. Comedy. And Three, I think we offended pretty much everyone we possibly could have with this show. We offended K.Rudd. We offended cats. We offended Osama Bin Laden. We offended Matt Curley. We offended Abe. And Pete was the most offended of us all. It caused us so much offence that we went nearly 6 years before we got together in a studio and did another show and he moved to another fucking country.

Let’s be fair. I could run through all the lines. ‘Good looks. Big Dick. I even bought the t-shirt. Armani designed it.’ Who was Captain Planet and why was he called that. French Weaponry. Abe watches the Wire (which is now ‘classic’ TV). Say something French…oui! Fuck Telstra, Abe, do you own any Telstra shares? Technophages. Richard predicted the end of Telstra…how did that work out? If only he had said Australia Post, what a prescient mother he would have been. What are fighting in Afghanistan for? More uses of the word ‘fuck’ than ever. We gave up counting after the intro. One of the issues we have is that our show is timeless in an entirely time locked way. So, we are unapologetic in the way that this show is entirely rooted (tee-hee) in the politics of 2009. When you think about, how much has actually happened in that time? 4 changes of PM, Pete living in the UK for six years under a conservative junta. 3 NSW Premiers. 8 trips back to Australia by Pete through various hipster colonies. Eighteen different recipes for gin gimlets. Richard converting to Scientology and Mormonism. Abe dating Peta Credlin. A Peta Credlin, not the Peta Credlin.. 97 internet memes featuring Kim Kardhasian. One gold and white dress. Kanye West.

Oh, and a mention of Leonard Nimoy. RIP Spock. Live long and Prosper.

It never rains but it pours, constantly. All the fucking time. Drizzle. More WBF history part II

PART II of our gift back to you. Three more tracks of dubious origin, but award winning thespianity. We give you two Shakespeare inspired pieces, plus one less Shakespeare, more Coleridge. And you never know, you might even laugh.

Romeo and Juliet

This is the very first sketch we wrote and it one of the only truly collaborative sketches we did. It is probably not that funny as we were trying to be smart. We soon learnt that fart sounds and the word rectum were funnier than Shakespeare. Oh how right we were, Kyle.


Keeping up the same theme, here is a sketch written by Richard and acted by Richard and Pete doing his worst posh british accent. That skill however has been incredibly useful in his new career as a butler to a variety of minor royalty.

Blokes again

Oh dear. Culture at last. Richard and Pete do Coleridge and Chisel, at once, in the same sketch. I think Pete wrote this one. Like almost everything we did, it was extremely Pythonesque.

It never rains but it pours, merchandise from the WBF audio archive

See, we told you we were back motherfuckers. We have decided that really, after years of recording to Edison cylinder (see Shows 1-200) and then updating for the post digital age and putting out all our shows on 8 track cassette, it was time to discover ‘the internet’. Now to be fair, none of us really understand the ‘internets’ and ‘the world wide web’. We are, at heart, technophobes and luddites. (although funny story, luddites weren’t actually anti-technology, they were pro-work – Perhaps we might be better described as Neo-Luddites, who according to Wikipedia represent the cause of ‘Neo-Luddism (which) has emerged to describe opposition to many forms of technology, According to a manifesto drawn up by the Second Luddite Congress (April 1996; Barnesville, Ohio), Neo-Luddism is “a leaderless movement of passive resistance to consumerism and the increasingly bizarre and frightening technologies of the Computer Age.’ Oh wait…)

Sorry, what was I saying…
Yes. Luddites.

We have put some of our archive material on Soundcloud, free to use and download, all creative commons, all the time. We shall be uploading more and more over the next few weeks. Is it any good? We will be judge of that. Will it win us the Grammy we have craved for decades? Maybe. And then, maybe, just maybe, Kanye will interrupt Beyonce to say it is a travesty that we were robbed of glory.

Here are the first three for your sonic arousal. Fifty shades my arse.

Right-ho kids, you can now make your own A Walk in the Black Forest! Go back to Show 1 and start again!! Be Richard!! Be Pete!! Be Abe!!!! or even, be Alex! Hours and hours of fun can be had by all.

This is an early sketch written by Pete and with characters played by Richard and Alex. It might be funny, maybe.

This was a later period sketch written by Pete, from an idea based on Abe’s ‘hey chicano’ verbal meme and clearly demonstrates the breadth and depth of our acting skills (oh, and Richards inability to do a Latino accent at the time, ask him now, you would think he was Marc Anthony. Oh, and Home Yardage is a fabric chain in Australia. It might also be a little racialist. Sorry