President Zardari declares that Palin is “gorgeous”. The fatwa is on, baby!

Yes, this weeks show (for something different), will feature more about the hottest political leader since Nixon, Sarah Palin.  Of course, we are not attempting to ‘sex up’ the campaign or focus on her sexuality just because she is a woman.  Oh no, we actually think Nixon was hot…and when he wore the fishnets and heels, oh baby…

However, I digress…

Fatwa against Zardari for 'flirting' with Palin

“oh my word, you are my kinda president, zurderwe of Indistan”

And now, Sarah Palin rehearses for the VP debate

Find out what actually happened (or at least another made up version thereof) on show 301, live tonight on 2RRR from 10.30pm or here via podcast a few days later…

WBF Show 300 – Just like corn flakes only crunchier

We made it!  I know, I know, I can’t believe it neither.  This is our 300th show.  So special, so important, so groundbreaking that richard couldn’t be arsed to even show up.  We know where HIS priorities lie 🙂

But we coped.  And we talked shit about Palin, red hot gos and all the usual palaver.  Oh and Richard did actually call in for a while.  On a phone of all new fangled technology.  We don’t need no stinking Skype



Funny bikini stars and strips palin

Another shot of the soon to be Dan Quayle

This weeks show is coming (well actually last weeks)

Yes, peeps, we had a break.  Sarah or Barack or even the McCainiac didn’t write to us so we sulked away to our corner and cried.  even worse, the only one who did write to us was Ralph nader….Waaaaaaaaa. 

we had a red hot go and we failed…and in these troubled times, that is cause to be alert but not alarmed.

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of the Madam Palin

Most accidentally inappropriate campaign photo ever

Pitbull Lipstick

Pics from It is the official WBF source for all our serious news and actual media pics of the hottest VP candidate since Dan Quayle.


Show 299 is a RSILF

Now, that is an acronym that nobody wants to contemplate.  It was an interesting week in politics.  Ms Palin has got GOP hearts beating, Nathan Rees (like the toilet apparently) didn’t get Reba’s heart beating fast enough and someone needs to check that John McCain has a pulse at all.

On this show, Roger Lamb from the Democrats Abroad, Peter on Palin, Richard on Rees and Abe in Chuck Norris.  It’s time for some below the black belt patriotism.




Sarah Palin popping into the WBF studios playing tracks from her favourite album “Balls to the Wall” by Accept

Bringing the ‘sexy’ back

Yes ladies and others, the time has come to bring the ‘sexy’ back to politics.
Is Nathan Rees a hunk?
Does KRUDD get your L or MHEART pumping?
Is Sarah Plain a VPCILF?

Bristol Palin pregnant

Here are some links for the debate on tonights WBF

A great range of VPILF merchandise


A ‘real pic’ of the VPILF












Glasses bring the sexy back – buy Palin glasses today


Get your copy now

Sarah: How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska's Political Establishment Upside Down


Gun-toting ... Sarah Palin with troops in Kuwait

Getting ready to be VP, watch out duck hunters, she won’t this time…

Links for Battleground USA Show 298

On the great city of Pensacola, FL (the fightin’ city of five flags and the home of the red snapper),_Florida

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 Veterans for John McCain

 div align=”center”>Barack Obama

Pensacola for Barack Obama Come help get him elected.

The Pensacola Voice


Sarah Palin practicing responsible and educative parenting

 Photo: Palin poses with caribou she shot