Show 294 is awaiting its own obscenity charge

Yes, fresh from wearing an akubra decorated with small israeli birds to the hearing to stop Bill Henson from going on the Footy Show, Wbf show 294 is actually going to your pod BEFORE it reaches the usual airwaves.  Can we fix it? Fuck off you yellow hatted, too happy little tradey tool boy





Show 293 comes early (Abe cleans up afterwards)

This is Show 293, going to air right now but available for you at the bargain price of only nothing, thats right peeps, nothing. Eat it, drink it, make it shine, but most of all tell your friends. Without them we have you and you know how that makes you feel…


Show 292 is open for business

yes, we went live and the consequences were fucking hilarious. seriously. Funnier than Hamish and Andy. or Rove. Actually, a case of chronic anal warts is probably funnier than either of those. So listen and learn flyboys, whilst the WBF team teaches the ‘professionals’ a thing ot two. Oh, we might mention a cure for warts.



Show 291 is ready to ruuuuuummmmmmbbblllleeee (yes, we are looking at you Swannie)

Show 291 is ready only one day after broadcast.  So, listen to the show and find out how to get in free to Richard’s last scared scriptless show at the Clarence in Petersham this friday.  There is a secret word.  And no potty mouths, the word is not ‘fuck’.  I can’t imagine where you would get that idea, fuckheads




EPISODE #285 – How To Test For Alzheimers…

… write about something that was a long time ago. Try to remember the context, eventually give up and just write nonsense…

So without further a-Catholic:

See the K-Rudd isn’t Bill Clinton. Sorry Pete, it’s true! I know the Clinton Love Train is in full bloom, but alas, the reason why i write this is because K-Rudd has never smoked dope. Bill did, but didn’t inhale (that must have been a blast) and wouldn’t history have been different if only Monica had – there’d be no evidence! Anna Bligh, QLD Premier did, Wayne Swan the new UberTreasurer did in his youth, Opposition Leader and turn-coat Brendon Nelson didn’t but got an earring instead, and Peter Garrett isn’t too sure – he can’t remember much before 2003. Must have been a slow news week for the media to think this one up!

Following the Shopping List of Stonedom (I’m copyrighting that J.K. Rowling – i know what you’re like!!) we headed into Catholic Saints, my very unfortunate experience at the taping of the TV show Good News Week and Evermore at Australia Day – who everyone i know saw, but none of us ran into each other!!
BTW, on the Good News Week taping… my advice… DON’T GO!!!!!

Prince Harry was charging around Afghanistan at this point. The Ginger Ninja was risking life and limb to defend Mother England against an enemy with no air force and no intercontinental capabilities. Evil bastards!!! Now were were served up the “Harry in Danger” headline without all the facts. You see Harry was being guarded by Gurkhas. Who are Gurkhas i hear you ask? Well lets’ turn to Wikipedia, and Wikipedia again, we could just turn to the Ginger Ninja himself. So really, to kill a good story – he was being guarded and sheparded around a pacified warzone by the best soldiers in the world. Pretty dangerous. He’d be in more danger heading down to “The Staine” at Manly for a drink on the weekend.

As an aside – Akmal, the comedian… IS NOT FUNNY!!!!

K-Rudd was swept to power on the coat tails of an old, out of touch government more interested in serving the rich than the common man. Now to celebrate the return of good governance and the rule of law, the K-Rudd Dynasty have decided (on the 100th day of coming to power) to spend our money on a booklet about how things have changed since they toppled the last Junta. Now K-Rudd… are you frakkin’ stupid? That was one of the things that pissed people of about Little Johnny’s government – the waste of money and the gloating. Oh K-Rudd – come home soon!!!

Poll Smoking this week showed that 69% of people agreed that the Australian Government should have apologised to the Aboriginal people, 26% said we shouldn’t have. Interestingly, out of that 26%, 20% thought we would be sued, 50% thought Pauline Hanson was nice, and 30% weren’t too sure why the Queen wasn’t running the country.
In the PM satisfaction stakes, K-Rudd was triumphant with 69% popularity, 12% not being impressed.
And in the all important poll, Who Would You Vote For If An Election Was Called Today: 51% ALP, 31% Coalition. Nice legacy you left there Little Johnny!!
In the same vein – Who Would Make a Better PM: Rudd 73%, Nelson 7%, Humphrey B Bear 5%, and Bindi Irwin 15%.

Fuck O Meter This Week:
P: 8 (nice to have you back)
R: 1
A: 2

Season 2 of Frank and Dale

Many many moons ago, before the time of K.Rudd, three comedians locked themselves in a studio and set themselves a task to write a ground breaking comedy series of epic proportions. A series that would go down in history alongside such classics as Faulty Towers, The Young Ones and Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader with Rove McManus. A comedy that would immediately attract mainstream attention, and set up the team for other future movie and television projects.

Unfortunately they couldn’t come up with anything, so we fired them and decided to write it ourselves. You be the judge, as Frank and Dale return for season 2 on 8th May 2008.