EPISODE #268 – Yes I Know It’s Late…

Apologies for the delay – but i’ve just got my PC back from the authorities post-APEC. It’s true – and if it’s isn’t, you’re probably right! Fraggin’ smart arse…

Now i know we’re a bit hard on the Authorities at times when they overstep their mark, but this week, NSW Police Uber Truncheon Scipioni stated that when the boys from the Chaser interfered with the recent APEC conference, the snipers could have shot them. In fact, according to His Clobberingness, “that’s what snipers do”. Reeeeally!?! Well i’m not to sure these “elite” units would like to be seen as possibly being allowed to shoot civilian comedians who posed no real security threat. Weren’t they the last line of defence? “Defence” being the operative term… Oh Scipioni, me thinks you’re a fan of the weapon, not the policy. Watch this space. The other rather interesting aftermath from APEC was Pete’s love for the President of Chile. I refuse the elaborate – suffice to say she loves Pete too:
From Richard’s love for the Vegan in all of us, to Canada’s PM still being here post-APEC, and Indonesia’s President still Bang Bang Banging, we then discovered a love that dare not share it’s name. The kind of love only told in story books, tales of valour, honour and industrial grade lubricant; Richard’s love for General David Petreaus:

It’s the medals isn’t it?!

hey Mr President looked at Tom Tancreedo, the Republican from Colorado. The evangelical Christian who loves Mexican food, but hates Mexicans! Yes that’s right “Deport all immigrants” is his catch cry. Not only does he like shooting pheasants and skeets, he also approves of “The Minutemen” shooting Mexicans feeing across the US border. He’s all man our Tom.
As you know all candidates in this section of the show are rated on 3 important criteria:
1] How many Social Networking Sites do you appear on – Tan-Greedo = 0.5
2] How much merchandise – Tan-Greedo = 2
3] How many ringtones – Tan-Greedo = 0
Oh Tan-Greedo, no wonder Han shot first!!
Tan-Greedo - small.JPG
Also in the news, it was proven this week that conservatives have different brain wave patterns and decision making abilities than “liberals”/ left-wingers. Well no shiite, banana-boy! We’ve been putting up with these right-wing pseudo-fascists destroying social services, sending us to war, kicking legal immigrantrs out of the country, or gaoling them. Yes there’s a big bloody difference – they’re bloody evil!!!

And finally we touched on Little Johnnie No-Hope and his floundering popularity! You see When Goofy Downer is a “power-broker”, you know you’re in trouble. So Howard will stay, until he can hand it over to Abbott & Costello in 12 months time. Well he has to win an election first! He’ll have to get passed the Mandarin speaking Man of Steel K-Rudd first . And he’s got Hu Jin Tao on his side. You Jin Tao, Me Jin Tao, we all Jin Tao!!

The Fuck ‘O’ Meter this week:
Peter: 2
Richard: 1
Abe: 1
FuckOMeter 030707.JPG

Show 269, 69, 69, 69, 69 (repeat to fade)

This is…SHOW 269.  Oh yes, be sure, this is Show 269.  mark my words, don’t get it wrong, Show 269 is ready.  Some may doubt, but don’t be one of them, show 269 is here.  Oh shut up, Peter.

This week get: richards urine, abe takes little Johnny on head first and Pete talks big fucking brother

Show: http://www.archive.org/download/wbfshow269/wbgshow269.mp3

Details: http://www.archive.org/details/wbfshow269

Show 268 is actually ready for virgin ears (that rules you out firecrotch)

This week, the unbroadcast show that never went to air, see what happens when you criticise the government in a ‘free’ country!
well, the internets will save us, the internets will save us!
this week, APEC wrap, hey mr president, conservatives just wired wrong and our response to the surge report and more.

Show: http://www.archive.org/download/wbfshow268/wbgshow268.mp3

Details: http://www.archive.org/details/wbfshow268

EPISODE #267 – Your Personal Convoy of Doom

So there was this long line of traffic going through the city and i thought i’d just tag along behind. They were making pretty good speed, and there was a police escort so i thought “Hell, why not!?” and followed along. The doctor expects only some of the entry wounds will scar…

So with GWB in town, Little Johnny’s dumped the Mrs, put on his best suit, booked some Gold Class tickets to the movies, and asked Downer not to call him late at night for a booty call. It’s a hot couple of nights in the big city, and Little Johnny’s lubed for some APEC glory!

So through the airport they came – bypassing Customs, bypassing Quarantine, bypassing the metal detectors, but not bypassing the brothels i’m sure. US security personnel can bring in their guns, bring in their disease ridden personages, hell bring in Peaches weekly Columbian “eBay items”. 54% of NSW residents think it’s a waste of time, and 74% think it’s a waste of money. Oh look, who said the people should be asked. Let the State rule! In fact a businessman wanted to put ads on TV expressing his displeasure and was refused by these Corporate Dogs of the Power Elite. His billboards were refused, his ads weren’t on TV – where’s the democracy!!?

Battle for Bennelong this week saw the Liberal Government’s primary vote dip to 37% against the Labour Opposition’s 51%, and in 2 party preferred it was Libs 41% vs Labour’s 59%. Clocks a’tickin’ Little Johnny. It’s time to go… Johnny!!!

From one knob to another, US Senator Larry E Craig. He’s not one to waste a trip to the loo! He’s big on the toilet escapades. You see Larry isn’t gay, but he’s partial to some penis. Unfortunately this time he got the wrong kind of baton, and instead got some truncheon in the shape of a Police officer. Mr Policeman arrested Larry, Larry resigned, and in the future Larry may be getting more penis then he thought he’d ever need! “Larry, this is Bubba. Bubba, this is your new bunk mate Larry”…

Fuck-O-Meter this week:
P: 3
R: 3
A: 1
FuckOMeter 2808071.JPG

EPISODE #266 – The Non-Exclusive Brethren

Let’s do the time warp agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain…

After the now obvious and some what stereotyped appearance of a Radio Birdman Gloryhole Fest, the show moved onto real, substantive, visceral issues; WWE Wrestling and what is now known as the WWE Curley Curse! As you may be aware, whenever The Early Curley appears on A Walk in the Black Forest, a wrestler dies!! It’s true!! The first time it was Chris Benoit, then Crush, now this time… Hulk Hogan’s little boy totals his car and only escapes certain death by Early Curley being absent and Pete turning up. How different things would have been if he hadn’t been there. Pete really is The Freshmaker!
But this isn’t Baby Hogan’s first crash – this is his Lamborghini only 12 months ago:
He looooooooooooooooooves yellow!! What a wanker!!

Hey Mr President this week highlighted Democrat Bill Richardson. He likes Cigars, boxing, boxing trivia, boxer shorts, Pick A Box, and Madonna’s box… but we’ve ALLLL been there!! he also loves horse and Ryan Seacrest – gay anyone?? That being said he wants the troops out of Iraq (so they can wash his car all covered in suds while wearing boxer shorts and riding horse)… and did i mention he likes boxing?
As you know all candidates in this section of the show are rated on 3 important criteria:
1] How many Social Networking Sites do you appear on – Bouncing Bill = 6
2] How much merchandise – Bouncing Bill = 33 (a new record!)
3] How many ringtones – Bouncing Bill = 0
Now if Bill and his Fists of Fury sound good to you, then head over and read more. I know he’s Latino, but he sure looks like he enjoys a spray tan or 20!

We’ve probably covered APEC to death – so let’s move on.

Battle For Bennelong saw Little Johnny actually turn up to an event in Bennelong. His supporters had only ever seen him on TV, and even though Bennelong is his local electorate – this event, at a local school – was the first event Little Johnny’s been to in Bennelong for some time. In fact probably about 4 years… odd that!

Meanwhile Richard went to a Labour Party Fundraiser and won trivia! You go girl!!

Fuck-O-Meter this week:
P: 3
R: 3
A: 1
FuckOMeter 280807.JPG

Show 267 cops eight bullets off eight lovely children, yes eight is enough

Dick Van Patten, you scoundrel! 

Anyways, here is Show 267, download it, enjoy it, but most of al love it.

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Details: http://www.archive.org/details/wbfshow267

Show: http://www.archive.org/download/wbfshow267/wbfshow267.mp3