Show 262 is in the pipe and ready for smokin (Jim Carey style)

Sorry for the delay my peeps, but doing all the fan mail, keeping the MYspace site up-to-date ( and making sure that Richard gets his daily serve of caviar, swallows nest and abalone protein shake and Abe gets his vegie version with 100% tofu abalone, has put the schedule behind.

So, here you go



Also remember that no tofu abalone or ricecake swallows nest were harmed in the making of this show. thank you.


EPISODE #262 – Welcome Back To The Side Bar——->

… but seriously folks!!

As Richard chomped down on his McTriple Threat, and Pete assumed the unchallenged title of MySpace Master, the show kicked off with a newsflash – Conservatives are scared of technology! MySpace aren’t happy with the Libs in Australia because they aren’t handling their MySpace friends with the respect they deserve. So Little Johnny Fudge Pants extracted his head from GWB’s arse just long enough to place a 1 minute 50 second message on his MySpace. Question being, what kind of a sad sack would you have to be to have Little Johnny as a friend… not even his party want him anymore!

Hey Mr President this week got into one of the serious contenders; Fred Thompson. Now he may look familiar to you, and not it’s not from Crime Stoppers – he’s an actor. So if he does win the US Presidential election, at least when he lies to us it will look convincing! Fred-boy is the only US candidate with his own theatrical entry, and apparently a bit of a following. If you look at this site, you’ll see he’s a headliner at a rock concert/ conservative brainwashing drive (not coincidentally sponsored by the impartial Fox News).
As far as the WBF scoring system goes:
1] How many Social Networking Sites do you appear on – Fred Thompson = 5
2] How much merchandise – Fred Thompson = 0
3] How many ringtones – Fred Thompson = 0
Fred is the man… according to Fred!

Also this week, Pete discovered Obama Girl and Hot 4 Hill, a lipstick lesbian tribute to Hillary Clinton. Now the idea of Hillary may be attractive… but the reality – less so!! Another conservative in the White House? Puh-leese!

While the yanks battle it out in their preliminaries, the fight for Australia’s heart and soul continues – and the hub; the Battle for Bennelong. Newspoll delivered a bit of a blow to Little Johnny and his Junta, with only a 39% approval rating in our most populace state New South Wales. In fact Malcolm Turd-bill, arch nemesis to all good thinking Australians my lose his seat by a 20% swing. All this and a Costello leadership challenge just out from the election being announced. Sad thing is, no one likes Costello either. Maybe the revolution has started…

Peaches the week saw Big Bob trying to stop a telemovie being made about his ex-wife Paula Yates. It’s all a bit embarrassing really, especially when people start drawing parallels with his daughter Peaches. But Bob’s a smart cookie – he’s sent his money overseas. Now you may think; “so what?”. Well to tell you how much it is – he’s saving 1 billion pounds in death tax. Oh Peaches, when he croaks you won’t have to import parts of Bolivia, you can have it dragged over to the UK and you can have someone drive it over for you. “The Enemy” have ended their feud with Peaches that first started at Glastonbury. They described her as “untalented” and a bit of a scrubber. Now oddly they describe her as having a slight after taste…

The Fuck O Meter this week:

…. i didn’t count…

EPISODE # 261 – $80 Billion In Debt And Still Kicking On!!

Okay, this is a bit late, but you get that!! Not as late as a certain radio personality’s mistress – 6 weeks and counting. Papa’s got a few questions to answer, baby!!

Ha ha, WBF finally has a civilian on our MySpace page!! Go Alice. Bring tha noise.

That being said, in an attempt to not prove himself a knob, Richard has moved to Bennelong, seat of the current sitting PM Little Johnny the Dwarf King. See if you haven’t been keeping tabs, Richard has said Rudd will win the next election, so he’s “loaded up the truck and he’s moved to Bennelong.” No more lattes at the cafe, little pastries and cute $14 chocolate truffles. It’s scones and mothballs for Richard – bless his cotton socks. Anything for the cause!

You see, it’s probably better to contextualise this before i move on; Brendon Nelson is an idiot – that being said, this week he played right into our hands… and told the truth about Iraq. He stated our continued presence in Iraq was to secure oil resources for the future. Kind of a problem, because that sounds just a teensy little bit like “War for Oil”. So much so that Little Johnny had to come out and correct him – sort of. Not only that but the government has decided to send $56 Billion to Iraq. Not in the form of redevelopment costs, medicine, or teachers. No – they’re sending it all in the form of military spending. Don’t get me wrong, the army need it! But don’t lie about what it’s for. It’s to keep the army in Iraq so we get a slice of the oil pie. Maybe some of that money will go to repairing the M1A1 AIM tanks we just bought from the US… since they don’t work! Yes, they’re an improvement on the Leopard, but do we need more overpriced pieces of US hardware? Speaking of which, have you read about the JSF? It’s now costing us $110 million per plane. That’s a lot for a plane that by the time we get it will be 15 years out of date. Or we could have bought this, or this, or my personal favourite … all cheaper, all better!!!

Hey Mr President this week profiled Democratic hopeful Chris Dodd. Okay, so Chris was a military man, a senator and a member of the Peace Corp. Strong foundations for a Presidential candidate. He’s a fan of National Service and an idea called Senior Superheroes (not a group i would like to see in spandex and time soon). Unfortunately he has a chink in his armour (no pun intended)… he doesn’t like Hispanics. I mean he may like them, but not dating his daughter, or working in his office. They can work FOR him, maybe in the garden, or cleaning his pool, but that’s pretty much it. Another added bonus – if you go to his website, you can join the Dodd Squad – sounds like drop outs from the Scooby Gang.
As far as the WBF scoring system goes:
1] How many Social Networking Sites do you appear on – Chris Dodd = 4
2] How much merchandise – Chris Dodd = 3
3] How many ringtones – Chris Dodd = 0
In our own election it was time for Battle For Bennelong. Pete found himself out on the streets this week, the streets of Eastwood; the new crib of the Little Johnny Posse. It’s in this environment that Little Johnny has begun his new found “local member” status. He’s stopping a train line being built that might make it noisy for some (but in reality help the environment and more convenient for the silent majority), he’s trying to keep the council in charge of local zoning (odd for someone so interest in Federalism. You see he’s really just a sell out! Anything for votes – Little Johnny for sale!

Little Johnny’s nemesis, Peter Costello (who this week refused to rule out a leadership challenge) was on Kyle and Jackie O last week. Keeping it real, speaking to the youth, understanding their issues. he’s so human he said he’s moved by emotional films – tears are shed, and blubbering ensues. There you go, thought journalism was dead? They’re the big issues!!

Peaches this week was packed, so packed that Richard left it till there was only 10 minutes left of the show… so we missed the good stuff! Dang him!! But what we did find out was that Pappa Bob was paid $1.7 million for his Telstra ad. Can you believe it? I wonder how much of that made it to the world’s poor, Mr Moral Conscience!

The Fuck O Meter:
FuckOMeter 100707.JPG

WBF show 260 breaks out in acne and hits puberty (right in the motherfcking face)

Yes Show 260 is ready for your love.  It needs it.  It wants it.  It demands it. And if it doesn’t get it then you ain’t getting any (no, no, no be-arch) for as long as you can fill your huge dumb ass with twinkies. Whatyousay? 





EPISODE #260 – By The Short and Curleys

260 shows generally brings celebrations, keys to the city, a pat on the back, and sometimes a bit of poking in the dressing sheds. For us though, the celebrations were truncated since Richard was missing from the proceedings. But more on that later…

Again WBF tried to go one better than the usual 5.1 surround sound, Web 2.0 compatible experience, DRM free, SRS, experience. WBF is, and always has been a bi-sensual experience. It’s the buzz word with the kids, but WBF used it first. Just remember, the USS Kittyhawk is in town, so double bag it boys!

The new overview of the US Presidential Race started this week on the programme – “Hey Mr President” (unfortunately no reference to P!nk there…) the newest in segmentalised goodness for your aural pleasure. Pete let loose with flurry and abandon… then after that cleared he started the segment. But back to the text; Ron Paul, the kind of Republican that has a social conscience was highlighted this week. Fiscally conservative, socially aware. I should write slogans, it has to be better than my day job…! So while he quotes Reagan to fight his critics, he also quotes the CIA to shoot down the lies form the White House. Clever little man – if only he didn’t look like comedy relief!
Now Hey Mr President is going to have an unusual scoring system:
1] How many Social Networking Sites do you appear on – Ron Paul = 6
2] How much merchandise – Ron Paul = 3
3] How many ringtones – Ron Paul = 0

It was at this point Richard’s relief walked in. We weren’t expecting relief, but Pete needed some and the usual fluffer was tired… none other than The Early Curley. Host of 2RRR’s very own MMMH.
The lovely Matt helped us through Liberal Party donations, isn’t it nice to know everything’s for rent, the sad demise of WWE’s Chris Benoit (who sadly decided to take his loved ones with him) and then onto Hamas Mouse.

See Mickey Mouse has a dark side. He’s over cowtowing to the US corporate elite. Tired of being a spokesman for greed, ignorance and racism. Mickey Mouse has broken away and taken on a new identity – Hamas Mouse! Dressed like his pre-corporatised form, he has become the very antithesis of the ruling US junta. But now Hamas Mouse has moved on. His identity discovered he must find new avenues to explore, new evils to fight. Mickey, we salute your intentions, even if you did run off the rails!!

Battle for Bennelong this week saw Little Johnny’s safe seat not looking so safe – so what have the Liberal Party done? Well why not co-opt someone else’s? And who better to help with that than a young man names Alex Hawke. Alex has a colourful history, in fact his history is generally 3 colours; a black swastika in a white circle on a red field. See Alex isn’t just conservative – he’s a rabid fascist! You see Little Johnny needs young blood to take up his cause, and what better than a group of ideologically in-line young people who like little brown outfits! He was hand-picked by Little Johnny to do his dirty work. Alex has been implicated in branch stacking, intimidation, and heading up the Liberal Party’s move into the Right Wing Christian world of Hillsong. Someone to keep an eye on, especially after the revolution!!
The Fuck O Meter this week was interesting. Without Richard’s influence the tide turned…
Pete: 1
Matt: 3
Clit Face: 1
FuckOMeter 030707.JPG